Social Enterprise

We setup social enterprises and provide individuals with a platform to ensure the fulfillment of Sustainable Development Goals.

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Who are we?

We are a team of IITians constantly supporting and helping rural as well as institutional enterprises and making them a social enterprise.

Our Objectives


To support the other initiatives of Gopali Youth Welfare Society financially.


To start programs aiming at the socio-economic development of the areas.


To generate local employment.


Coordinating with government and local administration.


Set up institutions, enterprises, and awareness programs in the interest of the development of the community.


To conduct case studies and researches on social aspects


To conduct workshops and seminars

We achieve our objectives through.

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Existing Enterprises

We collaborate with the existing local business and help them to gain a bigger audience and markets.

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Societal Ideas

In this, help individuals with startup ideas to set up a fresh startup or business. We will help the entrepreneur by providing some initial resources to develop the product.

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In-House Ideas

We also work on some business models of our own ideas and help it to gain a significant structure.


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Women in Rural Entrepreneurship.

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Success Story of a Rural Enterprise.

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